Cases of success
  1. Technological package for the disminution of the pollution in the brickmakers for the municipality of Saltillo, Coahuila. Details

  2. Construction of a simulation model of the production systems and transport of the "Cantarell Field". Details

  3. Re-engineering of the network transport of crude by ducts. Details

  4. Consultancy to the SCT in the costruction and supervision of bridges. Details

  5. Adjustment and revision of engineerings of project for the crude operation of light sailor (early production), in the connection platform. Details

  6. Evaluation of manifest of environmental impact, intermediate modality with regional vision; and study of risk, modality analysis of risk with regional vision in the "Integral Project Cuenca de Burgos, 2000-2012". Details

  7. Elaboration of a 3D model ("as-built") in PDMS, their respective planes and the qualification for the handling of the information in the system of 6 plataforms of the assets operation of the "Litoral of Tabasco". Details

  8. Inventory of the processes that generate waste water industrial, determination of its volume and degree of contamination, as well as alternative of treatment or reuso in the Marine Terminal of Dos Bocas, Tabasco. Details

  9. Mexican enterprise information system, version 1.x. Details

  10. Program of professional development in industrial weld. Details

  11. Entailment with the sector energy through technical services. Details