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The Corporación Mexicana de Investigación en Materiales (COMIMSA), through the General Coordination of Graduate Studies offers two programs of study.

The Graduate in Science and Technology Agency PICYT on scientific-practical, which offers masters and doctoral levels. In COMIMSA you will have the terminal option in the disciplines of industrial engineering and manufacturing.

THE PICyT in their level of expertise has been recognized in 2006 as Concessions PNP-High Level. It provides for the inclusion of doctoral level PICyT in the NPP in 2008, being a consolidation program.

The Postgraduate Institutional Industrial Welding Technology is a modular program that is practical, levels of expertise with the option of obtaining a master's degree.

Since May 2006 the program was recognized as high-level Expertise in the National Register of Postgraduate (PNP).

Both programs are unique in the country on these lines of knowledge, classified as High Level.

The objective is to promote academic excellence and fostering professional development and skills development, aimed at meeting the demand from industry and national education.



As a CONACYT Technology Center, our mission is "to conduct research, studies and technological projects that strengthen the industrial and engineering sector for the infrastructure through the generation, assimilation and transfer of knowledge useful to the Government, institutions and firms, contributing economic and sustainable development of the country".


"Being the Engineering Technology Center, which represents a factor of change in industrial competitiveness and national engineering".

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Postgraduate Studies
 About the Postgraduate

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